90% of our families qualify and receive a scholarship to attend SFCA.

Everyone participates in contributing to their child’s education. Tuition will change from year to year.

Tuition Rate: $9,050.00 annually, payable in 10 monthly installments ($905.00 per month). Please see Table A below for tuition cost qualifications based on household size and income. Please see Table B for curriculum fee based on household size.


Families are strongly encouraged to apply for outside tuition scholarships, such as the BASIC Fund. Information about the scholarship and funding can be obtained from the school office located at 232 Jones St. As deadlines may apply with scholarships, please inquire and apply as soon as possible.

BASIC Scholarship only covers a portion of the cost for having your child attend SFCA. We have an in-house “Sponsorship Program.” We may find people to sponsor your child. There may be an exchange of photos and information. Families must agree to have their families sponsored OR pay for the entire tuition. Even with the Sponsorship Program and scholarships, ALL families will be required to contribute financially to their child’s education.


Volunteer options are available to parents and guardians. Upon 6 hours of volunteer service a month. A $40 volunteer credit will be applied for the following month.

Volunteer’s must sign up for a time period no less than 30 minutes. If you would like to volunteer, an agreement will need to be signed within the first two weeks of the 1st day of each semester. Beyond that date, no option of volunteering will be available. Any lapse in volunteering will result in voiding of the volunteer agreement, and volunteer hours will be monitored by the SFCA front office.

Note: After School costs are included with tuition.