"My child has special needs and was being overlooked at his previous school. Many people didn't think I should put my son in a private school because they cant handle special needs, but the greatest thing this school has done for my family is shown my son that he was loved and worth fighting for." – City Academy Parent

"What I really love about City Academy is that the teachers are my family. They’re very invested in my life and my family’s life and they’ve been there from when I was young and to now. I’m very grateful that they have been able to be there when my parents weren’t."  – City Academy Alumna


"My daughter has learned and grown so much here. Not only has she built great relationships with the adults, but I have built great friendships with other families and staff through the family events that SFCA has. SFCA is like my family." – City Academy Parent

"My favorite part of the Tenderloin is this school, San Francisco City Academy. It is this part of the Tenderloin because it is a good place in the Tenderloin. It is a good school." – SFCA Student