SF City Impact is a non-profit organization that exists to intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco. SF City Academy's mission is to empower urban children and release them to excel academically, physically, spiritually, and socially. We believe students should have a solid foundation in both academic and character development to succeed in life. Our goal is to ensure that students succeed.


San Francisco City Academy is seeking a caring, hardworking individual to provide academic and behavior support to students from K-8. The interventionist will work alongside classroom teachers and specialized service providers to assist in providing a welcoming educational environment to empower urban children to excel academically, physically, spiritually and socially.


  • Develop and implement academic curriculum to ensure the needs of the student are met

  • Professionally represent the school in interactions with parents, staff, and students

  • Encourage students to respond to conflict using peaceful resolution strategies

  • Support students with emotional or behavior concerns and assist them in developing appropriate social skills and coping strategies for their educational environment

  • Manage student behavior to provide a safe and optimal learning environment


  • Familiarity with social thinking curriculum and self-regulation programs such as “How Does Your Engine Run?” or “Zones of Regulation”

  • Bilingual/Spanish speaking

  • Experience working as part of an inclusion model school with students with disabilities

  • Experience working with students with behavior issues


  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Bachelor's degree

  • Be capable of physically assisting students with specials needs as required (positioning, lifting, transferring, restraining, etc.)

  • Have demonstrated ability to work effectively under the direction of others

  • Have demonstrated ability to work cooperatively with others

  • Have willingness to assume any responsibilities appropriate for the position

  • Support the Mission Statement of San Francisco City Academy

  • Behave and speak in a professional manner at all times

  • Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality, and attendance

  • Be proactive in matters relating to health and safety. Perform all other duties as assigned

  • 1-3 years experience in school setting as a school aide, paraprofessional, working with students with Special Needs, such as ADD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, etc.

  • First Aid/CPR certification

  • Ability to successfully handle multiple projects concurrently and work as a team member

  • Good communication, time-management, and follow-up skills

  • Hold high performance expectations regardless of students’ background and initial ability

  • Hold high performance expectations regardless of students’ background and initial ability

  • Support students and families by developing strong relationships to ensure success Be available to call or meet parents as needed when a student incident occurs

  • Assist classroom teachers with maintaining student records and Maintain records of all student incidences and ensure they are filed appropriately

  • Use varied teaching techniques such as small groups, re-teaching, differentiated instruction, additional practice, etc.

  • Participate in meetings such as IEPs, parent conferences, training, staff meeting, etc.

  • Create individually tailored behavior plans for each student in the classroom

  • Model and foster independent thinking skills and creative problem solving methods

  • Communicate each student's progress regularly with the classroom teacher and director of specialized services to reinforce and supplement school curriculum

  • Analyze, understand, and use assessment data to design appropriate lessons

  • Maintain portfolios of student work, long/short term goals, and overall progress goals

  • Assist in student events such as Orientation, Back to School BBQ, Talent Show, etc.

  • Assist in the educational and social development of students under the direction and guidance of the facilitator and classroom teachers

  • Assist in the implementation of Individualized Service Plans (ISP) for the students and monitor their progress

  • Provide support for individual students inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate in activities

  • Work collaboratively with other professionals, such as speech therapist, social worker, occupational and physical therapists



Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm; Friday 8am-3:30pm


40 hours per week



Directors of Specialized Services Department, Administrator


SFCA staff students and family, SFCI leadership and board