The Intervention program is accessible for all grade levels to address behavioral and academic needs.

It serves as an outlet for students struggling with behavioral issues in the primary classroom. The student is referred by an SFCA staff member with a proposed intervention plan. Each student admitted to the Intervention classroom has a support team consisting of the parents, student, teacher, principal, and interventionist. The student is temporarily placed on a four week plan to improve behavioral skills.

Behavior is assessed at the end of every four weeks to discuss improvement and areas for growth. The plan allows students to reflect on their behavior, learn coping/self soothing mechanisms, and comply with authority.

For academic plans, the student is referred based on their TerraNova scores and/or their STAR test scores. The Interventionist will assess the student to be placed in a reading group and meet twice a week to improve reading skills. The classroom also serves the students by reading their tests to them, allowing more time for assignments/tests, and comprehending assignments.

Sensory Motor Room

The sensory motor room, along with the curriculum and assigned teacher enables San Francisco City Academy (SFCA) to enroll and retain students who begin to show unique needs. The resources are now available to educate additional children and impact them and their families because of this specialized room. SFCA is one of very few public and private schools that is now equipped to continually serve the needs of all of our families.